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You Must Be Out of Your Mind - hiring a Car and Drink Driving in Scotland

Hire a Car This Christmas- But Don't Drink and Drive

As we approach the festive season, once again drivers  are faced with the many challenges of how to get involved with all the festivities without succumbing to having a drink,

Sure we should throw away the keys during December, and just get our there and enjoy yourself but the bottom line guys is that nine times out of ten, the office party is a bit of a bore. It's not as if there is one office party, there are many, depending on what team, project, club you are involved with. In some cases the same party repeats itself several times during the month of December. By the time January comes you are all partied out, and likely to have fallen out with several of your colleagues.

But the reality is that we are all too dependent on cars nowadays for both business and pleasure. The sounds rich coming from a car hire company I can hear you say. We need the car to get to and from our work - and it only takes a few drinks to put us over the limit, risking our own lives and other innocent bystanders.

So it was nice to experience a breath of fresh air, or should that be breathalyser , from the Scottish Government recently stating that even one drink was too many. So they have introduced restrictions on acceptable drinking levels. This would mean that the blood alcohol limit will be lowered from 80mg in every 100ml of blood to 50mg in every 100ml, bringing Scotland in to line with most of Europe. An additional 35 drivers a week could lose their licences over the festive period once these new alcohol limits come into force, Police Scotland has said.

Almost-Zero tolerance sounds like the order of the day, and about time too.

Our business is hiring cars, but our success is dependent on safe driving, and safe driving means no drinking at all - it's as simple as that.

And what for the future? Well car hire companies could look at penalising drivers with known or potential drink issues, but that's a long time away.

So until then, let's raise a glass during this festive period - but leave the car on the driveway 

Drink sensibly!