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What is a People Carrier ?

7 seater cars

What is a People Carrier ?

When searching for your car rental, you will see a type of car named a people carrier.

A people carrier is a large car, providing more headroom and luggage area. People carriers come in a variety of seating arrangement, the most popular being 7-seat and 9-seat.

Drivers benefit from having all-round vision, great performance and familiar steering and controls, similar to a family saloon car.


Popular with children because of their individual seating, a people carrier is the best vehicle to book when traveling longer distances with a family.

What are Examples of People Carriers ?

When you hire a people carrier from Best Car Hire you will typically be offered the following examples: Volkswagen Touran (7 seat minivan), Volkswagen Sharan (7 seat minivan), Opel Zafira (7-seat minivan), Ford Tourneo (9-seat minivan), Opel Vivaro (9-seat minivan), Ford Galaxy (7-seat minivan), Ford Transit (9-seat minivan), Seat Alhambra (7-seat minivan), Volkswagen Caddy (7-seat minivan), Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (7-seat minivan) or the Kia Carens (7-seat minivan).

What is the Equivalent Car to a People Carrier in the USA ?

In the USA a People Carrier is referred to as a Minivan.

What Other Names are People Carriers Known By ?

A People Carrier can also be referred to as an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) or a space wagon.