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What are your best car hire options? | Car Rental Advice

How to choose the best car hire company | Car Rental Tips

What Are Your Best Car Hire Options?

The car has been part of our lives now for over 100 years. Once a luxury item enjoyed by favoured few, the average car is now available to buy for most occupants of the modern world. The number of cars owned by the worlds population is over one billion. So what are the alternatives to owning a car?

Well you could steal a car or hire a car!

The former we would not recommend for obvious reasons. Stealing cars has become one of the biggest crime boom areas in recent years. Despite modern and more sophisticated security systems, the pariah still manage to cause major heartache and disruption to our lives. Over 370,000 cars are stolen each year in the United Kingdom which has the reputation of having the highest (per capita) number of stolen cars in Europe. Car theft is a huge and profitable business, which costs billions of pounds every year and it represents around a third of all reported crime in the UK. It’s also estimated that approximately 70 per cent of stolen cars are broken up and sold for auto spares, while the remainder are given a false identity and sold in the UK and abroad.


The latter is a much more sensible approach. The best car hire companies today provide a better alternative to owning a car. If you only want to use a car very infrequently then cost of rental versus cost of ownership wins hands down. Additionally if you travel regularly, be it business or leisure, then hiring a car from London Heathrow airport say, gives you the freedom to travel to your onward business or social appointment, at your own pace.

The choice of cars is yours too. The best car hire suppliers can provide a range of cars from small economy cars to large executive saloons, SUV's and people carriers.

When renting a car, make sure you understand what you are signing up for. Also take care I f driving your rental car into another country. This will depend on the car rental agent you are renting from and what their cross border travel restrictions are. The car rental agent will detail whether this is allowed or not at time of booking.

But ironically what if your rental car is stolen? 

Some rental companies say that most car renters can be exempted from all responsibility if they purchase an insurance policy, a theft and damage waiver. But beware, as companies are unlikely to pay out if if is discovered that the driver has left the door unlocked with the key in the ignition. In some cases, if the car rental has been paid for with a credit card, then the car theft may be covered by the terms and conditions in the car rental agreement. Additionally, a car stolen while under a business rental, the car theft may be covered by a special arrangement between the employer and the rental company.


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