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Walking in a Winter Wonderland in Norway

Norway car rental

A visit to Norway can reveal many exciting things to do in Norway including witnessing the Northern Lights, a wildlife safari (reindeer, musk oxen, elk and whale watching), taking a fjord cruise, fishing, golfing, glacier walking, caving, diving, kiting, motor sports, hang gliding, climbing, rafting, dog sledding and visiting Viking museums - oh and the occasional meal and a drink.

When it comes to food, the Norwegians are fond of Fenalår (seasoned lamb), Pinnekjøtt (Salted and dried, and sometimes smoked, lamb's ribs), Multekrem (Dessert made of cloudberries and whipped cream), Fårikål (Lamb simmered with cabbage and whole peppercorns), Tørrfisk or stockfish (unsalted, dried fish, mostly cod), Gravlaks (dry-cured salmon), Brunost (Brown cheese with a sweet, yet somewhat sharp flavour with notes of caramel) and let’s not forget Norwegian salmon.

Need a drink? – Well you can sample Aquavit - Norway's famous national drink. It is a spirit made from potatoes flavoured with herbs including caraway seeds, dill, fennel, anise and also coriander. It is very popular at Christmas time.

Talking about Christmas – has anyone seen Santa Claus?

Well actually he has a different name in Norway – he is known as “Julenisse” and he brings presents to the children on Christmas Eve not Christmas Day and also he doesn't come down the chimney! The name Julenisse is a combination of Nils for Nikolaus) and the old word for Christmas - Yule.

Of course we would always recommend that you hire a car in Norway to see all the sites. We can find a rental car to suit your travel needs in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Tromso, Stavangerand many more locations.