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Touring the Stellenbosch Wineries in South Africa

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Car Rental South Africa - Touring the Stellenbosch Wineries in South Africa

In my opinion one of the best wine growing regions in South Africa, and perhaps, the world is Stellenbosch.

Where is Stellenbosch ?

The town of Stellenbosch lies in the Western Cape province, alongside Franschhoek and Pniel and the region hosts a population of over 155,000 people.

Stellenbosch is deemed to be beautiful environment and a great place to live, and includes many interesting places including famous wineries which cultivate the most beautiful and exciting wines, trendy street cafes and restaurants, quality wines, along with buildings of historical interest and renowned educational institutions.

What Makes Stellenbosch Wine So Unique ?

The secret of the wine success in Stellenbosch lies with Mediterranean-like climate, with warm and dry summer season and cool rainy winters.

Some of the better known wine brands include Arniston Bay, Versus, Infiniti, Credo, Rustenberg and The Stellenbosch Reserve Ou Hoofgebou

There are many opportunities to see the sites in the Stellenbosch region, including expert guided tours, balloon trips, and child-friendly farms.

Tasting the wine could never be easier with tasting sessions conveniently available all over the region or why not book a private cellar tour.

We would recommend a car rental South Africa or even hiring a campervan in South Africa and see the wonders of Stellenbosch site at your leisure.

Where Can I Arrange a Car Rental Stellenbosch ?

You can arrange a car rental Stellenbosch or a car rental Cape Town some 50Km distance.

It goes without saying however, if you are going to indulge in some wine tasting in Stellenbosch, that you leave the hire car at the hotel.

Weather in Stellenbosch

Click HERE for an up to date weather report from Stellenbosch

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