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Rio de Janeiro Airport Car Rental

Brazil car rental

Rio de Janeiro Car Rental

Many people have told us that if you want to hire a car in Brazil it is probably best for traveling around the out of town areas like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo states. Hiring a car to see the towns and built up areas is probably not a good idea as it would be easy to take a wrong turning and may end up in some place you shouldn't be!
Make sure when you book your car in advance, that the car rental company has a desk at the airport to avoid a nerve wracking journey into a strange part of town to pick up the vehicle.
So having picked up your rental car in Brazil it is wise to get yourself a GPS and stick to the directions and instructions communicated to you.
The road conditions around Rio de Janeiro are considered to be very good in comparison to the roads in northern Brazil.
Drivers in Brazil drive on the right hand side of the road with the steering wheel on the left. The standard of driving can vary from city to city but be prepared for some less than perfect driving skills.
Be prepared to switch your car engine off if you will be stuck in a tunnel for an extended period of time.