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Hire a car in Scotland for Hogmanay

Hire a car in Scotland

Hogmanay in Scotland

Now this is a bit of a tough one.

Why would you want to hire a car in Scotland for Hogmanay, when the whole idea of Hogmanay in Scotland is to get out of your face on Whisky? - and we all know that drinking and driving is not a good cocktail!

So that's when the poor dedicated driver comes in. Buy them lots of nice presents, pay for a nice hair-do even promise to marry them! Just make sure they fulfil their promise.

Hogmanay in Scotland is a tradition which goes back many centuries. Hogmanay (with numerous translations) or New Year's Eve, is a major cause of celebration in Scotland.

In recent years Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has played host to one of the largest street parties in the world. Tickets sell for the event well in advance, and many a ticket tout has gained a few pounds by being in the right place at the right time. Described as "one of the most important things to do before you die" this years 2015 festival will include a headlining performance from BIFFY CLYRO PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS IDLEWILD & HONEYBLOOD

So what do you need to think of when hiring a car in Scotland for Hogmanay? 

Well as you would expect, you need to hire a car or people carrier to ensure you and your passengers are as comfortable as possible. 

You need to hire a car to suit the weather conditions in Scotland in December. Temperatures in Scotland in December can drop to minus 20. By hiring an SUV this will give you all the driving safety and comfort to suit these conditions. 

If the weather is warmer, and it has been known!, getting out and about Scotland in the winter can be a majestic experience. To see the scenery and avoid costly hotel costs, one option would be to hire a Motorhome in Edinburgh, and travel from there. Although Scotland has a relatively large land mass, the Scottish Highlands can be reached within a couple of hours of leaving Edinburgh. The roads in Scotland are of good quality and mostly wide enough to suit driving a rental Motorhome. Most motorhomes are well heated and insulated, so whatever the weather is doing outside, inside you will be warm and dry.

One thing to remember is that January 2nd is a holiday in a lot of places in Scotland, so take this into consideration when hiring a Motorhome or renting a car in Edinburgh


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Malcolm McNeill is the owner of car hire comparison website and motorhome and RV comparison website

Malcolm lives in Glasgow with his wife Lynn and 3 grown up children. With a background in Information Technology and sales and marketing, he has incorporated these professional skills into all his online ventures.

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