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Can the Volkswagen Smiledrive Really Make Us Happy?

Volkswagen Smiledrive - Don't Worry Be Appy!

Volkswagen Smiledrive - Don't Worry Be Appy!

Over the past six months the Volkswagen car company has come under a lot of pressure because of the so called dieselgate scandal - the pollution issues which reduced the share market value by more than 25 billion Euros.

Alhough the world wide vehicle recall still continues as of today market analysts are predicting that the Volkswagen share price could double in the coming 3 years as the storm begins to abate. At the core of this will be a new 10 year business strategy and some new cost reduction surgery.

On top of this sunny forecast, the future is looking a lot brighter elsewhere for Volkswagen with the introduction of the new Volkswagen Smiledrive app.

It would appear to be a bit of fun for the beleaguered Volkswagen drivers, trying to forget the amount of value which their vehicles have lost over the past months.
So to feed your trivia-hungry friends on Facebook and Twitter, you can share the details of your journey, for example the weather on your journey, the distance you travelled and the duration. You have to ask -"who cares?".

If that's not enough, and let's face it, it isn't, you can record passing Volkswagen clone drivers with a "twinsie sticker". Or why not share your journey metrics with other sad VW drivers on the network, with a "punch jub"?

If this was April 1st you could be forgiven for thinking it was all a bit of cloud cover to allow the VW execuives to hide from all the public outcry.

Unfortunately it is real and another good reason to get stopped by the police for using a mobile hand held device while driving.

I thnk I feel another VW scandal coming on