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12 Winter Driving Tips | How To Survive The Winter Weather

12 Winter Driving Tips

12 Winter Driving Tips

With the adverse weather that happens at this time of year, it got me thinking about the importance of preparing for the winter, especially when you are hiring a car in the winter.

Driving a car in the winter can be a problem, especially if heavy snow is forecast.

Here Best Car Hire brings you 12 winter driving tips which may just save your life this winter.


1. Put a waterproof jacket and waterproof footwear in the back seat of the car, nothing beats a good pair of Wellington boots in case you have to leave your car to go find help. 

2. Put sandwiches, drinking water or a flask of coffee in the cab. If you get stuck in snow you will need to keep hydrated and fed.

3 Pack a sleeping bag or a blanket. You'd be surprised how cold a car can become once the heater is off for some time

4. Keep your mobile phone fully charged. Use any opportunity you can to keep your mobile battery topped up.

5. Tune into your local radio station. The inclement weather can change hour by hour so it's important to keep a eye, or an ear, on what's happening locally.

6. Don't take risks - stay with the pack. In a snowstorm you are more likely to be found and freed if your part of a larger group. If you find you are the only car on an icy road - there's probably a good reason for it.

7. Look out for less fortunate drivers than you. In bad winter conditions it's easy to freeze to death, in a short period of time.

8. In a snowstorm, stay with your vehicle, and wait to be rescued - no matte how long.

9. Be prepared for a long wait. In blizzard conditions the emergency services will be stretched and will take some time to arrive.

10. Avoid using gas heaters in the car to keep warm, the fumes can kill you.

11. Plan well ahead. If the weather looks like it will turn bad, look for an alternative solution. If you can work from home, even better.

12. Service your car regularly and carry a set of jump leads in case your battery goes flat.

BestCarHire allows you to find a car suitable for winter driving conditions with just a few clicks of your mouse. Whether you are looking for an SUV vehicle to help you survive a winter trip or simply a hire car for your next holiday, we can help. Visit our site at and search now.

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