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Best Car Rental Seoul Airport | Seoul Airport Car Rentals

car rental Incheon

Best Car Rental Seoul Airport ICN 

Seoul Car Hire

Seoul Incheon Airport ICN, is located 48km west of Seoul, the capital and the largest city in South Korea, in the Asia-Pacific region with 10 million inhabitants.  It is one of the busiest airports in the world, and it must be the only airport in the world to have a golf course! 

Incheon Airport consist of two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 - the car rental area is located in the Transportation Centre and public area, 1F. (Terminal 2).

Where is South Korea ?

South Korea is located within Eastern Asia sitting on the Korean peninsula and bordering North Korea. It has a population of 51 million people roughly the same as the UK.

Seoul Airport Car Rentals

When you have arranged your best car hire Seoul Airport, it's nice to know that you have a choice of the best car rental agencies, waiting to provide you with the best vehicles available.

By booking your Seoul International Airport Car Hire with Best Car Hire, we compare car rentals Seoul Airport and your preferred vehicle will be ready and waiting for you at Seoul Incheon Airport, allowing you more time to get to your important business meeting or relaxing holiday location.

For you car rental South Korea, you can choose from a selection of rental cars, people carrier, MPV, economy, executive, saloon or hatchback models at Seoul Incheon Airport like the economy Hyundai Era from 44$ per day to the luxury car Infiniti M30D at $243 per day. The car rental desks are situated on the Ground Floor 1 at Seoul Incheon Airport. Our partner car rental agencies at Seoul Incheon Airport include Lotte and Avis

We also compare car hire South Korea at Jeju international airport  and Gimpo international airport.

Seoul International Airport Car Rentals - What Documentation Do I Need?

In order to rent a car in South Korea, you must have a valid International Driving Permit IDP or a valid driver's license issued in Korea. An International Driving Permit (IDP) allows overseas citizens from a foreign country with a valid driver's license to drive a car while in Korea. Travellers must obtain the IDP in the same country that issued their driver's license. Be aware that some Seoul Airport car rental companies require both the IDP and the local driver's license so it is advised to check the requirements of the relevant car rental companies in advance. 

Using a GPS in Korea

If you cannot book a English GPS in advance with your car rental, you will need to learn how to use a Korean GPS. It is also not possible to use Google Maps for driving in South Korea although other apps can be used. 

Expressway Tolls - What You Need to Know

The tolls on the Expressway can be paid using either cash, all major credit cards, or a Hi-Pass card.

As you approach an expressway toll gate, you will find two types of lanes in the expressways: there is a blue lane for cars that have an On Board Unit (OBU), a gadget that automates the toll charging so cars can pass through the tolls without having to stop. The other lanes are for cars that do not have an OBU.

For more information on driving in Korea please visit our friends at

Getting Around Seoul Incheon Airport

car rental Incheon airport


Flight Information Seoul Incheon Airport

If you would like to check the flight status of any flights into our out of Seoul Incheon Airport, then click here.

Tourism in South Korea

So if you are looking to visit Korea, South Korea's capital city Seoul is the principal tourist destination but this is closely followed by Seorak-san National Park, Buyeo, Gyeongju and Jeju Island.

Gyeongju is famous for Hwangnam bread, a sweet bread the size of a cookie. Many restaurants offer the best fresh seafood from nearby Kamp'o Port.

Jeju Island is one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newly weds, and is in fact one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world

한국어 번역 

hangug-eo beon-yeog

dangsin-i seoul incheon gonghang-eseo choegoui lenteoka leul baechi han gyeong-u , dangsin-i sayonghal su-issneun gajang joh-eun chalyang eul jegonghagi wihae daegi , jadongcha daeyeo gigwan ui seontaeg-ui yeojiga iss-eum-eul algedoeeo gippeubnida. dangsin-i bihaeng hagi jeon-e mili BestCarHire wa lenteoka yeyag eulo seonhohaneun chalyang-eun bijeuniseu moim-ina hyuga jangso e dochaghaneun dangsin-ege deo manh-eun sigan-eul su issdolog junbi hago dangsin-eul gidaligo iss-eul geos-ibnida. salamdeul kaelieo , MPV , gyeongje, im-won , suljib ttoneun haechibaeg model ui seontaeg-eseo seontaeghabnida. uliui pateuneo jadongcha daeyeo gigwan-eun yuleob ka mich eibiseu poham halue $ 243 leogsyeoli jadongcha inpiniti M30D e halue 44 $ eseo gyeongje hyeondae sidae cheoleom seoul incheon gonghang eseo jadongcha ui seontaeg-eseo seontaeghabnida. lenteoka deseukeu neun seoul incheon gonghang eseo jisang 1 cheung e wichihago issseubnida

Hiring A Car In incheon

When hiring a car in South Korea. choose from a selection of cars at Seoul Incheon Airport like the economy Hyundai Era from 44$ per day to the luxury car Infiniti M30D at $243 per day. The car rental desks are situated on ground floor 1 of Seoul Incheon Airport.

Weather In incheon

Shopping In incheon

Shopping in Myeongdong is one of the best shopping experiences Seoul in South Korea can offer.This is the centre for South Korean shopping, where world famous brands make their first appearance in Korea. In Myeongdong you’ll find big brands such as H&M, Zara, Nike, UNIQLO,and many more. You will also find all the most popular Korean brands here too.There’s also the Lotte Department store, which has several floors of the best duty free shopping, book it now and pick up at the airport.

Car Parking In incheon

Seoul has five different public parking categories, which are based on location and use. Parking fees vary depending on the length of stay. Parking areas which do not have a time limit can be paid in cash to a parking attendant, or with a T-money card. A credit card can be used for parking meters. Drivers can buy a monthly parking card online from the Seoul Metropolitan Facility Management Cooperation. Seoul city provides discount parking for people with disabilities, people of national merit, good tax payers, and drivers who are signed up with the Car Free Day programme. Discount rates vary and depend on the category.