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Cheap Car Rentals San Francisco Airport - All About Fuel Costs When Booking

Little can make a trip run more smoothly than sorting out your cheap car rentals San Francisco Airport early for stress-free travel. Knowing what to expect in advance helps you plan ahead and fuel costs are often missed when booking a car. Here’s a quick summary of what to look out for.

The ‘Full to Empty’ tank fuel cost is one of the more common charging methods you’ll find in car hire deals, and is usually the most expensive. You’ll have to pay for a full tank of petrol and won’t be refunded for any petrol you leave in the tank. In fact, you may need to pay if the tank is not empty upon return. Be sure to factor this in if it’s the option included in the best car rental deal you select. ‘Full to Full’ is a simple enough imperative: pick up the car with a full tank of petrol; and be sure to return it with a full tank of petrol. This is a good option. But, it will require you to be very precise as even a little less than a full tank on the return of the vehicle could see you being landed with an extra refuelling charge. Find out where the nearest petrol station to your rental point is in order to avoid this problem. Finally, some hire deals offer one of the simplest fuel costs of all: simply pay for the fuel you use. If you choose cheap car rentals San Francisco Airport with this fuel cost, be sure to log the amount of fuel the car has when you pick it up so that you don’t overfill it and waste money that way.

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