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Best Car Hire | Best Airport Car Rental

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Travel News

Traveler's Tale

New York Airport Car Rental

JFK car hire

There is never a month goes by without a news story somewhere in the world, describing some air travel incident which makes us think twice about taking our next flight.

But you would be surprised at the odds of being a statistic in one of these air accidents - it is calculated as 1 in 1..........

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Travel to the Rugby World Cup | Rugby World Cup Car Hire

Rugby World Cup car rental | Rugby World Cup car hire

Rugby World Cup

2015 sees the Rugby World Cup landing on the shores of England.

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Hire a car in Scotland for Hogmanay,

Hire a car in Scotland

Now this is a bit of a tough one.

Why would you want to hire a car in Scotland for Hogmanay, when the whole idea of Hogmanay in Scotland is to get out of your face on Whisky? - and we all know that drinking and driving is not a good cocktail!

So that's when the poor dedica..........

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Hire a car in the South of France

Nice car hire

My wife and I decided to take a short break from Scotland to the South of France in late Summer/early Autumn.

We decided on traveling From Edinburgh airport due the convenience of the Easyjet flight. As we were out of the country for 4 days we also opted to try the Flying Scot long stay..........

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What are your best car hire options? | Car Rental Advice

How to choose the best car hire company | Car Rental Tips

What Are Your Best Car Hire Options?

The car has been part of our lives now for over 100 years. Once a luxury item enjoyed by favoured few, the average car is now available to buy for most occupants of the modern world. The number of cars owned by the worlds population is over one billion. So ..........

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Kids Car toys and Games | In Car Entertainment for Kids

Car Games for Kids | Kids Car Toys and Games


OK so now you've hired the car and feeling very proud of yourself. You managed to get a great deal on the car rental and just look how impressed the kids are...Not!

Sure the car may have all the toys that you are interested in - bluetooth, SatNav, DAB radio but the ..........

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Hire an RV in Canada

RV Rentals in Canada

When it comes to one of the best ways to see Canada in all it's glory there is no better way to travel than by Motorhome. 

At BestCarhire we can help you to hire an RV, Motorhome or campervan in Canada. We compare the cost of an RV in Canada and bring you the best Motorhome dea..........

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Best Car Hire Barcelona Airport

Car Rental Barcelona Airport

Currently we are waiting for our first Barcelona travellers blog.

If you have some interesting stories about Barcelona Airport, which you would like to share with us, please contact


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How to Use the BestCarHire App When You Need To Hire a Car

Best Car Hire iPhone app instructions


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You Must Be Out of Your Mind - hiring a Car and Drink Driving in Scotland

Hire a Car This Christmas- But Don't Drink and Drive

As we approach the festive season, once again drivers  are faced with the many challenges of how to get involved with all the festivities without succumbing to having a drink,

Sure we should throw away the keys during December, and just get our there and enjoy yourself but the bott..........

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Thanksgiving Car a Rental

Car hire Thanks Giving

US Airport Car Rentals Airport       car make & model cost.       $   Los Angeles Ford a Focus 155.81   Los Angeles  Chrysler 200 185.49   Los Angeles Chevr..........

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Drivers - How To Survive The Winter Weather

Driving Safely in the Winter

With the adverse weather currently being experienced in North America, it got me thinking about the importance of preparing for the winter, especially when you are hiring a car in the winter.

Driving a car in the winter can be a problem, if heavy snow is forecast. 

Here w..........

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BestCarHire Car Rental Providers - Orlando International Airport (MCO) - Finding Your Way to the Avis Counter

Best Car Rental Orlando AVIS

Finding your way to the car rental desks at Orlando International Airport (MCO) can be a difficult task, especially after a long flight. One of our car rental suppliers, AVIS, provides a good description of how to get in and out of Orlando International Airport.


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BestCarHire Car Rental Providers - Hertz at Miami International Airport

Hertz car rental Miami International Airport

This video from Hertz filmed at Miami International Airport explains how one of the Best Car Hire car rental suppliers, Hertz, recently celebrated the 25,000th rental of a Dream Car since the luxury collection of vehicles including Aston Martins, Ferraris, Bentleys and Lamborghinis was..........

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BestCarHire Car Rental Providers - Alamo Holiday Car Rental

Best Holiday Car Rental from Alamo

Are you looking for a car rental for the Christmas holiday season? One of our car rental suppliers, Alamo, brings you some joyous seasons greetings.

If you are looking to hire a car from Alamo this Christmas, we can help. Best Car Hire compares the market of car rental sup..........

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Best Car Hire Car Rental Providers - AVIS Car Rental Nice

Best Car Hire AVIS

Incredible film from on of the Best Car Hire range of car rental providers, AVIS. Spot the beautiful images of Nice in France.

If you would like to hire a car from AVIS for your holiday in France or anywhere in the world then we can help.

Just select your destination and ..........

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Licence To Be Killed! - UK Drivers Hit By New Changes

UK Drivers Impacted

Prepare yourself for change!

BestCarHire brings you some breaking UK motoring news.

It has been announced recently that from the beginning of January 2015 the additional paper document which details a driver’s endorsements and driving disqualifications, and which is curr..........

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Best Car Rental Comedy Ever!

Best Car Hire Fun

Car Rental as You've Never Seen It!



One of the funniest movie excepts ever - Steve Martin from the film "Planes, Trains and Automobiles".

All that Neal Page wants to do is to get home for Thanksg..........

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So You Need to Complain About Your Car Rental Experience

How to complain about your car hire


You know in our industry, as In any industry, sometimes things don't go as planned.

You've booked the car rental in good faith, and then you don't get what you've asked for.

So rather than grinning and bearing it, you can always complain.


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