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Hire a car to tour Scotland

Scotland car rental

If you are looking to hire a car to tour Scotland, then one of the best day trip destinations has to be Inverary.

Located about 1 hours drive from busy Glasgow, Inverary is a peaceful and tranquil loch-side visitor's paradise.

Considering the small footprint Inverary takes..........

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New York Airport Car Rental

JFK car hire

There is never a month goes by without a news story somewhere in the world, describing some air travel incident which makes us think twice about taking our next flight.

But you wou..........

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Travel to the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup

2015 sees the Rugby World Cup landing on the shores of England.

20 teams of burly sportsmen from all over the world, all cruising and bruising to try and win the Holy Grail of Rugby - who ever said rugby was a gentleman's sport should get their oval-shaped ..........

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Hire a car in Scotland for Hogmanay,

Hire a car in Scotland

Now this is a bit of a tough one.

Why would you want to hire a car in Scotland for Hogmanay, when the whole idea of Hogmanay in Scotland is to get out of your face on Whisky? - and we all know that drinking and driving is not a good cocktail!

So that's when the poor dedica..........

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Hire a car in the South of France

Nice car hire

My wife and I decided to take a short break from Scotland to the South of France in late Summer/early Autumn.

We decided on traveling From Edinburgh airport due the convenience of the Easyjet flight. As we were out of the country for 4 days we also opted to try the Flying Scot long stay..........

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What are your best car hire options?

How to choose the best car hire company

What Are Your Best Car Hire Options?

The car has been part of our lives now for over 100 years. Once a luxury item enjoyed by favoured few, the average car is now available to buy for most occupants of the modern world. The number of cars owned by the worlds population is over one bil..........

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Kids Car Games

Car Games for Kids


OK so now you've hired the car and feeling very proud of yourself. You managed to get a great deal on the car rental and just look how impressed the kids are...Not!

Sure the car may have all the toys that you are interested in - bluetooth, SatNav, DAB radio but the ..........

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Hire an RV in Canada

RV Rentals in Canada

When it comes to one of the best ways to see Canada in all it's glory there is no better way to travel than by Motorhome. 

At BestCarhire we can help you to hire an RV, Motorhome or campervan in Canada. We compare the cost of an RV in Canada and bring you the best Motorhome dea..........

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Best Car Hire Barcelona Airport

Car Rental Barcelona Airport

Currently we are waiting for our first Barcelona travellers blog.

If you have some interesting stories about Barcelona Airport, which you would like to share with us, please contact


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